Conditions of Use

1. General

Many thanks for your visit to one of Medinova AG’s web pages (hereinafter “Medinova”) and for your interest in the company’s products and website. You will find the General Conditions of Use and information about data  protection (Data Protection Policy) in the following.

MEDINOVA may amend these Conditions of Use and the following Data Protection Policy at any time without prior notice and at its own discretion by updating the Conditions of Use and Data Protection Policy published here.  These changes are binding for you.  MEDINOVA therefore recommends that you visit this site on a regular basis to ensure you are aware of the valid version of the Conditions of Use and Data Protection Policy that apply to you.

By accessing and searching this website you are giving MEDINOVA your consent, without restriction and without approval, to these general Conditions of Use and to the collection and use of information in accordance with the following Data Protection Policy.

You acknowledge that this supersedes any other possible agreements between you and MEDINOVA relating to the use of this site that are completely ineffective.

This website is solely for the purpose of general information and makes no claim to be accurate or complete. Please consult your doctor or pharmacist if you have any medical questions and/or queries about the packaging leaflet.

2. Copyright

The content of the entire MEDINOVA’s site is protected by copyright. This especially includes all information, documents, pictures and descriptions. You may not disseminate, amend, transfer, reuse or publish these in any other place online or use them without the prior written consent of MEDINOVA. You are always obliged to refer MEDINOVA’s authorship even in the case of private use.

3. Intellectual property rights

It is assumed that all product designations used on this site are registered trademarks and belong to MEDINOVA and/or contractual partners of MEDINOVA. This website also makes reference to data, copyright protected information, technologies, products, processes, or other rights of MEDINOVA protected by copyright.

You are not afforded or granted any licence for, or any entitlement to these trademarks, patents, copyright protected information, technologies, products, processes or other rights of MEDINOVA and/or other contractual partners protected by copyright.

MEDINOVA points out that any breaches of copyright or other protected rights of MEDINOVA  may result in civil and/or criminal prosecution.

4. Disclaimer

MEDINOVA has compiled the information that you find on this website, to a reasonable degree, from internal and external sources and in good faith with professional diligence and to the best of its knowledge. All information is provided without any guarantee. MEDINOVA accepts no liability or responsibility – either explicitly or implicitly – for incorrect or incomplete information on the website. Within the bounds of current legislation MEDINOVA assumes no responsibility whatsoever for losses or direct/indirect losses of whatsoever nature that may arise from using or accessing this website, irrespective of the legal grounds, including illicit action.

5. Disclaimer for third party websites (cross references and links)

Links and cross references to third party sites may be set in the interests of visitors to this website. MEDINOVA would, however, like to draw your attention to the fact that the conditions of use and data protection policy of these third party pages may differ from the provisions made by MEDINOVA.

Cross references and links to third party websites are outside MEDINOVA's area of responsibility. Use or access to such websites is at the user’s own risk. MEDINOVA states explicitly that it has no influence whatsoever over the design, content, legality and the offers made on linked websites.

Information and services on linked websites are the sole responsibility of the relevant third parties. MEDINOVA therefore rejects all responsibility for such websites. 

6. Breaching these conditions of use

MEDINOVA may take appropriate steps immediately, should you breach these Conditions of Use. For example, MEDINOVA may exclude the users concerned from accessing the services offered by MEDINOVA, remove all information, data and content that the user has published on this page at any time and without prior notice.

If MEDINOVA suffers a loss as a result of a breach by the user concerned, MEDINOVA may at its own discretion claim compensation against the latter.

Data Protection Policy

1. General

It is very important to MEDINOVA that your privacy is protected when you use our website. The following therefore provides you with information about how your data is handled by MEDINOVA.

MEDINOVA uses this website to collect various data and information about you as follows.

2. Webserver protocols

You are always able to access MEDINOVA’s website without informing MEDINOVA who you are. As is customary with virtually any website, the server on which the MEDINOVA website is stored (hereinafter “Webserver”) will, however, automatically collect information about you in the Webserver protocol when you visit MEDINOVA on the Internet.

The Webserver automatically recognises your IP address, the date and time you visit MEDINOVA’s site, the previous pages you visited on this site, the website you previously visited, the browser you are using (e.g. Internet Explorer), what operating system you are using (e.g. Windows XP), including the domain name and address of your Internet provider (e.g. AOL). If our website also uses cookies (see item 4), the Webserver will also store this information.

MEDINOVA regularly analyses these server protocols to establish which pages of its website are being visited. This enables MEDINOVA to gain a more accurate picture about how its website is used. This is described generally as web statistics. This enables MEDINOVA to optimise its range of services. This information may also be used in conjunction with your Internet provider and/or local authority in the event that the system is misused in order to determine the originator of such misuse.

3. IP adresses

An IP address is a number that your Internet provider assigns to your computer
to enable you to access the Internet. An IP address will generally change each time you access the Internet; it is therefore a ‘dynamic’ address. Please note, however, that if you use broadband Internet access, your IP address saved by MEDINOVA or any cookie it may also be using can contain information that may, under certain circumstances, be able to identify you personally. This is due to the fact that with certain broadband providers your IP address does not change (and is therefore “static”) and may be linked to your PC. IP addresses are used as part of the above-mentioned Webserver protocol data.

4. Cookies

Die Webseiten der MEDINOVA können die sogenannte Cookie-Technologie nutzen. Ein Cookie ist eine Information, die vom MEDINOVA-Webserver an Ihren Computer gesendet wird (genau genommen: in Ihrem Browser-Verzeichnis abgelegt wird), sobald Sie die Webseite besuchen. In diesem Abschnitt wird erklärt, welche Cookies MEDINOVA gegebenenfalls setzt, wie Sie Cookies auf Ihrem Rechner finden und wie Sie Ihre Computereinstellungen ändern können, um das Anlegen von Cookies auf Ihrem Rechner zu unterbinden.

Bitte denken Sie daran, dass sich für Sie, wenn Sie das Anlegen von Cookies auf Ihrem Rechner unterbinden, möglicherweise Einschränkungen beim Besuch der Webseiten ergeben können, und dass Sie möglicherweise keinen Zugang zu Teilen dieser Webseite, wie zum Beispiel zu den Inhalten des Fachportals (oder auch zu verlinkten Webseiten), mehr haben.

5. Third party cookies on MEDINOVA websites

MEDINOVA does not allow third parties to save cookies on your computer via this website.

6. Preventing/controlling cookies

If you decide that you do no want cookies to be saved on your computer, you will continue to have access to most of MEDINOVA’s website. You will, however, under certain circumstances, no longer be able to use certain functions or parts of the site. There are various methods to display the cookies saved on your computer and to remove them. This depends on what browser you are using. Should you have any difficulties here, MEDINOVA recommends that you consult the manufacturer’s website. This should contain the information you require.

7. Google Analytics (transfer of data abroad)

MEDINOVA websites may use Google analytics, a web analysis service offered by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics use so-called “cookies”, text files that are stored on your computer and that enable you to analyse website usage. The information generated by the cookie about your usage of MEDINOVA’s website (including your IP address) is transmitted to a Google server in the USA and saved there. Google will use this information to analyse your usage of the website in order to compile reports about the activities on this website for the operators and to provide services associated with the use of the website and Internet access. Google may also transfer this information to third parties, provided there is a legal requirement to do so and that third parties process this data on Google's behalf. Under no circumstances will Google link your IP address to other data held by Google. You are able to prevent cookies from being installed by making an appropriate setting in your browser software. By using this website you are giving your consent for Google to process the information collected about you in the manner described above and for the aforementioned purpose.

8. Personal data entered by you

Personal information, e.g. your name, your address, your telephone number and your e-mail address will only be saved, if you have voluntarily made this available to MEDINOVA (for example, in a contact form or on the registration pages for professional  users).

9. Access rights

You are entitled to view your personal information upon prior request to MEDINOVA to ensure that it is up to date and may arrange for it be edited, corrected or deleted.

10. Collection, processing, use and transmission

Your data will only ever be used for the purpose of answering your enquiries. Beyond this, MEDINOVA shall use your data in order to improve its website and services for you.

MEDINOVA will access this data in exceptional cases, i

  • MEDINOVA is required to do so by law, or if MEDINOVA believes in good faith that such a step is necessary, to meet a court injunction, to react toto legal claims or to protect the rights of MEDINOVA, its customers or the general public, e.g. in preliminary criminal proceedings, or
  • in the event that MEDINOVA is taken over, MEDINOVA may pass on personal data to third parties. In such cases MEDINOVA shall commit the recipient only to use this data in accordance with this Data Protection Policy.  

In all other cases, MEDINOVA shall only transfer your personal data to third parties in cases where you have given your consent to MEDINOVA.

11. Security

MEDINOVA points out that any transfer of data via the Internet is not secure and there is therefore a risk that it may be intercepted and used by third parties. A secure transfer (SSL encryption protocol) will only take place in exceptional cases.

12. Information

Should you have any further questions on the subject of “conditions of use” and/or “data protection” at MEDINOVA (for example, requests for information, want delete or amend your data or have any suggestions), please e-mail MEDINOVA (

13. Pages reserved for professional users

Professionals (doctors, pharmacists) who visit MEDINOVA’s website have the option of retrieving specific information about medication in secure areas. A DocCheck password is required to access these secure portals. To do this, register with the provider DocCheck who will supply you with access data for the MEDINOVA portals.

14. Links to other websites

MEDINOVA’s main portal ( contains links to websites as a special service for visitors that, in MEDINOVA's opinion, provide valuable information.  The rules described in this statement do not apply to these websites, however. You should visit these websites directly for information on data protection. MEDINOVA cannot be held responsible for the content on any of these websites.