Heavy legs are not a fatality- 5 tips to say NO to pain!

Our legs are under constant strain every day and only little relief is provided. However, tired and heavy legs are not a fatality! Follow our 5 tips on how you can effectively reduce discomfort this summer:

1- Stay active

Sounds easy right, but with the work from home policy implemented over the past few months, for a lot of people this has been unfortunately synonym of a considerable reduction of movement. The usual walk to work to the train station, has been replaced by a number of limited steps within our defined working spaces. Therefore, we encourage you to stretch your feet regularly and switch from a sitting position to standing and work on a standing table when possible. A 20 minute walk strengthens and stretches the muscles and improves the blood circulation, a vital tip to remember when experiencing cramps, discomfort and a tired sensation in the legs.

Check out our video: 7 exercises for healthy veins

2- Adopting a better hygiene lifestyle

Exercise is one way to keep pain at bay, but making some changes in our diet can also have a major impact on our health and minimize discomfort. Make sure to include enough potassium, calcium and magnesium in your daily food consumption to minimize muscle cramps. Drink minimum 2 liters of water per day to minimize risks of cramps, hydration is key for the body to function properly. Lastly, quit smoking as it leads in time to what we commonly call “smoker’s leg”.  This circulatory disorder promotes insufficient blood flow to the lower extremities, which can make walking painful and difficult.

3- Refresh and massage your legs

When the weather is hot during the summer season, it can help both the body and the circulation to take cold showers from your foot upwards. This will also improve the blood circulation of the lower extremities leaving you feeling more energized and your veins will remain more stable. Then gently massage in circular motions your legs with Hirudoid natural refreshing gel or spray. The plant extracts contained inside, such as ginkgo, hamamelis and hesperidin, have vascular strengthening and antioxidant properties that tone and protect your skin. Using a dry brush on dry skin could also be particularly good for stimulating the circulation.

4- Raise them high

Elevate your legs above the level of your heart, you should feel immediate relief and a light feeling as the blood flow of the veins in your lower limbs is improved. This is so as gravity is no longer a problem since when you are standing for long periods of time oxygen-deprived blood in your legs must work against gravity towards your heart.

Stretching should also keep your legs healthy as it will release tension in the joints and muscles leaving your legs feeling fresh. Lastly, resting is underrated, giving the body time to recover and repair from our busy lives is essential to prevent chronic pain from developing.

5- Use Hirudoid® forte gel or cream for more severe symptoms.

This proven medication can be used for more severe symptoms such as pain from varicose veins, heavy legs with water retention or bruising. The active ingredient MPS contained in Hirudoid® forte has an anti-inflammatory and antithrombotic effect and regenerates connective tissue. This is an approved medicinal product. Seek advice from a specialist and read the package leaflet. Medinova AG HIR071202107

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