DKSH honors Medinova Marketing Team Switzerland with the Fantree Award Europe & America for a new digital initiative (online training of healthcare professionals)

Continuous training is a must have in medicine and health care in order to keep up to date with the latest knowledge. Medinova supports specialists with different backgrounds and utilizes innovative platforms and tools. The Swiss marketing team of Medinova AG has now received an award in the category “Grow and contribute” from the DKSH Fantree Academy.

Photo from left to right: Caroline Müller, Marlys Vitale, Frank Bünnig,
Nadja Gürtler, Stephan Biber, Gabriela Zwyssig

In addition to the demanding day-to-day business in the healthcare sector, it is a great challenge to sustain knowledge. This makes it even more important to use the available resources as efficiently as possible in order to save time and thus also costs.

How can this goal be achieved? The Medical Marketing Team at Medinova has addressed this question and created a new tool.

In cooperation with renowned speakers from hospitals, medical practices and pharmacies, a wide range of medical training courses has been compiled and made available to interested medical professionals (HCPs) as a webinar via the Swisswebinar platform.

Due to the high quality of the scientific content provided, participants receive CME points from the FPH (Foederatio Pharmaceutica Helvetiae) and the SDV (Swiss Druggists’ Association) for most webinars.

In 2019, more than 1,200 health care professionals have already been trained. The training content can be conveniently accessed from a computer or a smartphone in the pharmacy or at home and is also available as video. Knowledge quizzes, interactive Q&A sessions with the speakers and other features complete the package.

The team led by Gabriela Zwyssig (Director Marketing Switzerland) was awarded the category “Grow and contribute” at the end of 2019 for Medinova’s new digital training platform initiative.

Medinova AG, as part of the DKSH Group, annually honors special achievements of individuals and teams. The Fantree Awards Europe & America offers the opportunity to reward employees that are a role model for implementing leadership principles and who make exceptional contributions to the overall success of DKSH.