For all events – SilverSpray Medinova®

A new medical product that serves the special requirements of wound healing is available from specialist shops. This article describes why the exclusive combination of its three ingredients is the key:

“Simple help” for injuries can mean something very different to adults and children:


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  • A child might refuse to show their scrape because they’re afraid you might touch the “ouch”.
  • But hikers wants quick, uncomplicated relief for chafing.
  • Caregivers want non-contact treatment of a bedridden patient.
  • The hobby cook burns themself on the oven and seeks quick help that cools and protects.

What is SilverSpray Medinova® used for?

SilverSpray Medinova® protects small area wounds, encourages wound healing and soothes with a cooling sensation. For:

  • Scrapes and scratches
  • Minor cuts
  • Burns (up to degree 2a)
  • Wetting skin
  • Chafing (intertrigo)
  • Inflamed skin folds
  • Reddened skin spots

It can also be used for supportive and follow-up treatment of:

  • Diabetic foot,
  • Skin irritation from bedsores,

Skin diseases due to fungal and/or bacterial infections (such as foot fungus, thrush)

What is SilverSpray Medinova®?

SilverSpray Medinova® is a dry spray for external use that promotes the formation of an effective skin barrier and supports the natural wound healing process. . The class IIb medicinal product demonstrates its ability with its 3 in 1 formula.

The ingredients and their effects

TIAB is a patented formulation with monovalently-bound silver ions, which have a protective film-forming effect, preventing fungi or bacteria from reproducing in the wound. This avoids the development of infections. The innovative TiAb formula only requires very low concentrations of silver (0.004 g) to achieve the desired protection. The silver is non-colloidal and does not discolour the tissues.
KAOLIN has a blood-clotting effect that allows for rapid wound closure. It also has a fluid-binding effect and absorbs wound secretions. This prevents softening (maceration) of the skin, reducing redness and irritation.
HYALURONIC ACID is an important component of connective tissues that has a volumizing and smoothing effect, allowing the restoration of a normal skin barrier.

How is SilverSpray Medinova® used?

The injured skin area should be first cleared, cleaned or rinsed of foreign bodies. Shake the can thoroughly before use, remove the cap and spray a thin layer of SilverSpray on the affected area from a distance of about 20 cm.

Do not spread or rub the fine protective film. SilverSpray Medinova immediately provides a cooling effect when applied. Cooling injured skin helps to relieve pain. Contactless spray application nullifies the need to touch sore areas, also preventing bacterial spread to the wound from the fingers.

Apply 2-3 times daily as needed or when changing dressings.

For adults and children 2 years of age and up.

Quick help on the road and at home:

  • The small 50 mL can fits into any First Aid kit.
  • The large 125 mL can is economical for treatment at home or in nursing care.

Where can I buy SilverSpray Medinova®?

SilverSpray Medinova® is now available in 50 or 125 mL cans from pharmacies and drugstores in Switzerland. The product can be ordered for you within one business day if it is not in stock at your specialist store. You can also order SilverSpray directly online and have it delivered to your home. buy online

Prepare for small skin emergencies now by equipping your First Aid kit with SilverSpray. This

simplifies quick treatment of minor wounds.