New Year’s Message 2021


In 2021 we are looking forward; socially, geopolitically, medically – there are so many positive changes. Let’s think about the COVID 19 vaccines and their importance for people, the health system, economies and therefore for all of us.

The experience in 2020 was extraordinary: the pandemic, the sudden lockdown, the challenges of working from home and the exclusively virtual meetings. Despite certain initial difficulties, this new situation was mastered superbly. As a result, we have continued to grow together as a company, despite the physical distance.

Despite many cancelled activities, we were also able to participate in the Pink Ribbon Charity Walk, clean-up day and the B2Run in 2020 in order to  give something back to society within the scope of each individual’s possibilities.

Our employees remain the focus and key to our continued success.

As a Swiss SME with 76 years of market presence and experience, Medinova AG will continue to support patients in individual health management with its proven and well-known products in 2021 and beyond.

In 2021, we will also continue to strive to further expand our digital education and health training for healthcare professionals and patients. Likewise, we plan to resume our active participation in congresses later in the year, as well as to be present at national and international professional conferences.

Another focus is on driving the launch of new products in Switzerland and internationally. To this end, Medinova is always looking for products with unique selling propositions to expand its portfolio.

In management, we always have our finger on the pulse of our company through constant, timely communication and act promptly and flexibly.

Building on what we have achieved, our concrete plans and the upcoming activities for 2021, I am convinced that if we all stand together and motivate and support each other, we will also master the year 2021 with many positive experiences and results. Together we are strong!