Active ingredient:

Sulfonated shale oil (ammonium bituminosulfate) 100 mg/g, 200 mg/g, and 500 mg/g

Ichtholan® ointment based on natural shale oil

Ichtholan® ointment is available in three concentrations suitable for the treatment of various diseases:

Ichtholan 10%

  • For superficial inflammatory skin diseases (e.g. inflammation of the facial skin)

Ichtholan 20%

  • For deeper inflammatory skin diseases such as boils, inflammations or abscesses of the sweat glands

Ichtholan 50%

  • For bringing boils or abscesses to a head
  • For joint inflammations, tendinitis, tennis arm, bursitis and blunt injuries such as sprains, contusions, bruises or sport injuries

Ichtholan® at a glance:

  • Proven active ingredient that comes from nature
  • Three concentrations with specific applications
  • Broad spectrum of action:
    • anti-inflammatory
    • antibacterial
    • draws pus to the surface of the skin

Package sizes:

Ichtholan 10% Salve 40 g
Ichtholan 20% Salve 40 g
Ichtholan 50% Salve 40 g

Available in pharmacies and drugstores.

This is an authorized drug product. Please read the package insert.