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Postinor® – Emergency contraception with Levonorgestrel

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1 tablet (single dose)

Package insert

Postinor® contains the active substance Levonorgestrel and is a medicinal product for emergency contraception (the morning-after pill), i.e. within 72 hours after unprotected sexual intercourse or in the case of the failure of a method of contraception such as e.g.:

  • ruptured condom;
  • forgotten intake of an oral contraceptive  (“pill”) beyond the maximally acceptable time period; 
  • ejected intrauterine device; 
  • premature removal or displacement of a vaginal diaphragm or a portio cap; 
  • sexual intercourse during the assumed fertile phase with the exercising of periodic abstinence (temperature method); 
  • rape.

Postinor® is exclusively intended for emergencies and should under no circumstances replace a regular method of contraception.

The dispensing is exclusively undertaken through the physician or the pharmacist. Before being dispensed it must be clarified in a consultation whether the preparation is suitable for you. With absence of the menstruation a medical follow-up control is necessary as a possible pregnancy may be suspected.

This is a medicinal product with marketing authorisation. Please read the package leaflet.