Dry skin due to frequent hand disinfection?

Since the corona virus has started spreading, sanitizers have become a scarce commodity. In response to this increasing demand, Medinova AG created a new protective and moisturizing cosmetic product for hand sanitizing with 70% ethanol and aloe vera; available now in Switzerland.

Empty shelves in supermarkets and long queues in pharmacies and drugstores; bottlenecks in the availability of protective materials against COVID-19 were obvious. Medinova AG has taken the situation seriously since the first signs of the pandemic and has taken responsibility both nationally and internationally as an employer and as a service provider for the health care system. 

The new ProtectCare Medinova gel with 70% ethanol and aloe vera, cleans and cares the skin quickly and easily. With an alcohol content of 70%, it is effective for hand hygiene and the moisturizing aloe vera extract adds extra care for the hands to avoid dry and brittle skin.

The gel for hand sanitizing is technically not a disinfectant, based on the exceptional approval of the FOPH, but a cosmetic product for hand sanitizing. The approval of a new medical product would have taken more than a month at this extraordinary time. In order to be able to offer this urgently needed product in pharmacies and drugstores without delay, it was decided to launch ProtectCare Medinova as a cosmetic product in Switzerland.

Now available in pharmacies, drugstores and online.

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