I packed my bag and in it I put…

The vacations are just around the corner. Relaxation and recovery are urgently needed. To ensure that the holiday experiences remains memorable, a well-stocked first-aid kit is key.

Do I need a first-aid kit?

In Switzerland, the availability of medicines and medical products is excellent, but abroad the situation sometimes looks quite different. The drug you need is not available, the language barrier makes it difficult to get help, or the pharmacy is simply not located nearby.

Depending on the destination, it certainly makes sense to equip yourself with the essentials and so be prepared for minor emergencies.

What needs to be included in the first-aid kit?

  • Clinical thermometer
  • Painkillers and antipyretics such as paracetamol or ibuprofen.
  • Mosquito and tick repellent adapted to the destination according to advice in the pharmacy or drugstore.
  • Anti-allergic or antipruritic/soothing ointment for bites or sunburn (e.g. antihistamine or hydrocortisone ointment)
  • Heparinoid MPS gel (for bruises or strains)
  • Tablets, suppositories or chewing gum for vomiting, nausea/travel sickness
  • Diarrhea medication – depending on destination, get local advice as these are adapted to local pathogens.
  • Wound spray e.g. SilverSpray Medinova® for minor injuries such as: Burns, abrasions and weeping skin areas.
  • Plaster – depending on the patient with funny subjects 😉
  • Eye drops for rinsing out any foreign bodies (dust, sand…) or for minor inflammations
  • Tablets against acute bladder infections e.g. dry extract from bearberry leaves.
  • Protection against bacteria, viruses and fungi in the intimate area e.g. VIVIFLOR SylTech foam to relieve itching, burning or redness in the vulva area
  • Sleeping pills from the pharmacy for short-term difficulties in falling asleep or sleeping through the night (e.g. in case of jet lag)

This list is not final and depending on any pre-existing diseases or individual needs, the first-aid kit should be adapted. Medication prescribed by a doctor must be taken according to the prescription.

How do I travel with my drugs?

When traveling by car, it is best to store the medicine kit under the passenger seat, where the temperature is cooler. If the car is parked in the sun for a long time, it is better to take the bag with you.

When traveling by air, take important medicines in your hand luggage in case your check-in luggage does not arrive immediately. (Liquids not more than 100 ml collected in a transparent bag). Attention: there are prescription drugs that are not allowed to be imported into all countries. (e.g. strong painkillers like opiates).

Once the first-aid kit is assembled, the vacation can be approached in a more relaxed manner. However, well-prepared travelers with an emergency kit should check the expiration dates every now and then. Why do medicines actually have an expiry date?

And for the emergency pharmacy the same applies as for the umbrella. Better to have it with you and not need it, than the other way around.

We wish you relaxed summer holiday.

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