Hirudoid Natural, the natural option for your heavy legs!

Our latest innovation has finally arrived! Hirudoid expands its product range and offers a new COSMOS NATURAL certified product: Hirudoid natural!

Hirudoid Natural was developed with the desire to offer a range of products made from the most natural ingredients possible. The aim is to meet the growing demands of consumers who are concerned about their well-being and want products of the highest quality. By combining the latest scientific progress with the power of nature, we have developed a unique product, certified COSMOS NATURAL and Vegan, of which 99.8% of the total is of natural origin.

Hirudoid natural uses the power of three plant-based ingredients to prevent and relax heavy and tired legs:

The natural extract of ginkgo, accompanied by a massage during application, supports the local microcirculation of the legs, for a feeling of vitality.

The natural distillate of Hamamelis extracted from the leaves of the plant, also known as witch hazel, nourishes irritated skin and has both a protective and firming effect, for a long-lasting feeling of freshness.

Hesperidin bioflavonoid, a naturally derived ingredient found in citrus fruits, is an antioxidant that is also often used for venous leg disorders. In addition to its vascular strengthening properties, it helps tone your skin and naturally protects the sensitive skin on your legs.

The story does not stop with the product but continues with the packaging because respect of nature is essential for us: the gel tube is 100% recyclable because it is made from organic plastic from sustainable resources (sugar cane) and the spray is made of glass.

Two different formats are offered: a refreshing gel and a practical spray for travelling. Both provide freshness and lightness.

Ask your nearest pharmacy for a free sample today. Hiurdoid natural: Light legs in no time!