What do you need in your travel first-aid kit?

Due to the current situation, many people spend their holidays in their own country, as is also the situation in Switzerland. Even though access to medical help is often just around the corner, it is always worth having a small emergency kit with you.

Especially when travelling with children, it is helpful to always have a few essentials with you. In addition to band-aids, wound closure strips and wound disinfection, a hand cleanser should always be carried in your backpack.

  • ProtectCare Medinova cleans and protects the hands quickly and easily. A pleasant hand hygiene gel with 70% alcohol and aloe vera, practical for travelling. to the product
  • ZinCream Medinova is the ideal companion for minor skin damage such as scratches and wet skin rashes. Easy and pleasant to apply and can be washed off with water. to the product
  • Should an accident happen, Hirudoid forte helps with bruises and swelling caused by minor injuries. Pain caused by heavy or swollen legs can also be relieved with the gel or cream. to the product
  • Staying too long in a wet swimsuit can easily lead to a cystitis. At the first signs, Cystinol with bearberry leaf extract is available without a prescription and quickly at hand. The herbal therapy for acute cystitis. to the product
  • If you are sensitive to draught or air conditioning and are likely to have a stiff neck or tense back, you should not forget Elmetacin in your travel pharmacy. Elmetacin Spray evenly sprays upside down and is easy to apply even on hard-to-reach areas such as the back. Elmetacin helps with both acute and chronic pain as well as arthrosis or rheumatism. to the product

Medinova wishes you nice holidays!
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